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SG SUGAR MOON RB GIANNA 2*M (Elite Doe) (2018 ADGA Top 10)

DOB: 02/20/2013 21 1/2"


2015 LA: VVEE 89 (highest score possible as first freshener) 


2015-2019 ELITE Doe (99th percentile) Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA Milk +127)

2018 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List: Milk (#3), Butterfat (#9) & Protein Production (#3) 2018 5-02 305 1630-92/5.7-76/4.7 

Sire: SG NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau +*B EEE91 (2013-2018 Elite Buck)


SS: SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau ++*B

SD: Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 1*M 


Dam: SG NC PromisedLand PAL Paloma 1*M VEEE90 (97th percentile)

#3 2013 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List


DS: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony ++*B EEE90

DD: NC PromisedLand SS Thistle +VVV87

SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna is an absolute exquisite chocolate doe who's dairy skin feels like pure silk and a beautiful udder with extremely velvety texture. Her udder is high and well attached, teats express milk effortlessly. This doe has it all, form, function and performance with lots of capacity and top notch production! LOVE, Love, LOVE this DOE!