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Waterboro, Maine | 04087 | (207) 420-0151

DOB: 09/05/2007

2009 LA: VE+E 89, 2012 LA: VEEE 90, 2014 LA: VEEE 89

SG NC PromisedLand SIA Zena (99th percentile) 3rd highest All-Time Predicted Transmitting Ability Milk (PTA Milk +258)

SG NC PromisedLand SIA Zena is the only Nigerian to make the Elite Doe List an incredible 16x (2011-2017)

Sire: NC PromisedLand SS Sam I Am ++*B

SS: PromisedLand CP Seymore Spots ++B
SD: SGCH ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep 1*M EEEE92
(96th percentile)

2006-2008 AGS Milk Production Awards Top 10 List

Dam: SG PromisedLand BW Zippy 2*M VEEE90 (99th percentile)

DS: NC PromisedLand Bruce Willis +B

DD: SG PromisedLand HS Zinnia 1*M

Zena is one of my absolute favorites and a dairymen's dream Doe!She has such an endearing presence! She’s long, level and wide with lots of moonspots. Awesome mammary that’s showing GREAT longevity through the years with excellent texture, large, well placed, easily expressed teats and has perhaps one of the most impressive median suspensory ligaments for the breed! She is an absolute DREAM to hand milk with the largest milk orifice stream I've ever seen on a Nigerian Dwarf! Zena is overheight but with some very obvious excellent qualities!

Top 6 Nigerian Dwarf Does of All-Time for PTAM (Predicted Transmitting Ability Milk):

1. SG NC Promisedland MG Diva +273
2. SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna +260
3. SG NC Promisedland SIA Zena +258
4. SG NC Promisedland BW Zippy +252
5. Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up +241

6. SG NC Promisedland SIA Zephyr +211

(Zippy is Dam of Zena and Zephyr, Zuzanna is daughter of Zena, and Zip Me Up is daughter of Zuzanna)

ELITE Doe (which strictly measures milk/fat/protein genes).

(Photo taken 10/04/2016 on once a day milking at 9 years young)